Watertogo VS. other bottles

Carbon block filters that lose as much as 70 percent of their area to the adhesives that hold the block together our carbon has zero adhesives holding it in place. The pore sizes of carbon block based filters are too big to stop any protozoa, bacteria or virus. Yes they reduce chlorine and some heavy metals but they basically just improve the taste of water without properly filtering it.

Imagine using a net to catch all the contaminants in water - but the holes in the net are too large - bacteria and contaminants just pass straight through. Well, that's what happens when you use a carbon filter. The pore size is just too large.

  Water-to-Go Carbon filter
Filter type Pore size if pH > 2 = 2 microns. +ve hydrostatic charge reduces this to .7 microns. Carbon
For use with… Non drinking water Potable water only
Heavily turbid water