Water-to-Go vs. Carbon Filters

Fresh drinking water is essential for a healthy, active body, but unfortunately, pure water has become inaccessible due to massive industrialization and pollution. In such circumstances, one can only rely on a water filtration system developed for NASA space projects – Water-to-Go bottles.

Water-to-Go bottles have a unique portable filtration system that removes 99.99 percent of water impurities and provide pure, healthy water to drink. This innovative water filter is tried and tested to offer almost 100 percent pure water and is more effective than tradition water filtration systems such as Carbon filters. Carbon filters are widely used by households because of their ability to improve the taste of drinking water, but they cannot effectively remove all water components.

How do Water-to-Go Bottles Differ from Carbon Filters?

Water-to-Go bottles are a more effective water filtration system than carbon filters because of their ability to remove virtually all impurities present in water. Unlike carbon filters, Water-to-Go bottles remove even protozoa and viruses from water, making it safe and healthy.

Carbon filters utilize a porous material or net to filter the water. These pores are often too large to allow most of the harmful components present in the water. On the other hand, Water-to-Go bottle utilize a combination of nano alumina, carbon, and other components to filter the water. The normal pore size of the filtration medium is 2 microns, which reduces to 0.7 microns due to presence of hydrostatic charges and removes even minute impurities from the water and makes it safe for drinking purposes.

Carbon filters can be used to filter potable water only. While Water-to-Go bottles can make water from all sources contaminant-free and fit-to-drink.

Key Contaminants Removed – Water-to-Go vs. Carbon Filters

- Protozoa – Protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium are resistant to chlorine disinfection and cause severe illness in thousands of individuals every year. Unlike carbon filters, Water-to-Go bottles are tested to remove 99.99 percent of protozoa from water.
- Oocysts – Oocysts are a dormant form of protozoa and can cause severe infection in human beings if not removed by carbon filters. Water-to-Go water bottles make water safer to consume by removing oocysts.
- Bacteria – Bacteria are the number one source of human infections and their efficient removal is only possible with the use of Water-to-Go water bottles.
- Viruses – Infections caused by viruses are one of the most difficult-to-manage infections, particularly in immune-suppressed individuals, children, and elderly. Water-to-Go bottles provide 100 percent protection against water contamination due to viruses.
- Chlorine – Presence of chlorine not only affects the taste of water, it can also cause significant health damage if present in large amounts. Water-to-Go bottles remove 99.99 percent of chlorine and improve the taste of potable water.
- Lead – Lead is poisonous, no matter what. Its presence in water can cause brain, kidney, and liver damage. Using Water-to-Go bottles ensure protection against health damages caused by lead.

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