Water-to-Go – Product Instructions

How to Use a Water-to-Go Bottle?

The filter used in Water-to-Go water bottles needs to be in a damp condition to effectively remove impurities. Drinking before the filter is activated can result in unfiltered water passing through the filter member. Follow the given instructions to activate the filter and start using Water-to-Go water bottles.

1. Remove the lid and filter assembly.
2. Fill the bottle with water. Avoid using additives-containing fluids as it may lead to decreased filtration efficiency.
3. Replace the lid and screw shut. Do not over-tighten.
4. Invert the bottle and let the filter soak in for 20 minutes. If the filter has stood dry for a long period, reactivate it in the same way.
5. Water-to-Go water bottles deliver water at a rate of 10ml per second. Do not squeeze the water bottle as it can create pressure behind the lid and may allow the water to bypass the filter.
6. Clean the bottle lid regularly.
7. Replace the filter every three months or 200 liters.