Money Facts – Water-to-Go vs. Bottled Water

Many families prefer using bottled water because they believe that it is a better alternative to contaminated tap water and does not cost much. Huge multinational companies carry out several marketing campaigns every years to persuade people that bottled water is cool, chic, and healthy. But they do not inform their consumers that buying bottled water not only costs significantly higher, it also contributes to the staggering mountains of plastic waste and leads to environmental damage.

Why Choose Water-to-Go Water Bottles?

Global bottled water market is expected to grow at a rate of 8.7 percent from 2014 to 2020, and currently, Europe is the second largest contributor in this market with 28.8 percent share. Even though bottled water costs significantly more as compared to tap water, more than 30 billion bottles were purchased in Europe alone in the last year. A single-use 50cls water bottle costs around 1.47 CHF, which is more than the per liter price of petrol and diesel.

In contrast to this, a 50cl Water-to-Go bottle costs only 19.95 CHF and can effectively filter 200 liters of water, which approximates to only 0.099 CHF per liter.

For just pennies a day, Water-to-Go bottles provide 99.99 percent pure water. Purchasing Water-to-Go water bottles saves you from paying extra for transportation costs or plastic packaging that harms the environment. You can keep your Water-to-Go bottler in your fridge or take it with you everywhere to have a consistent supply of clean water.