Water-to-Go Health Benefits

The importance of remaining hydrated cannot be over-emphasized. Water not only keeps your body functioning, it also improves the texture and health of your skin, making you look refreshed and healthy. Water-to-Go water bottles are specially designed to help you hydrate your body. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or an office worker, the portable filter water bottle gives you a 24/7 access to pure, healthy water.

Why Hydrate Yourself?

Regular hydration is necessary to keep the body healthy and active. Under normal conditions, an average adult person loses about two to three liters of water every day. This lost volume needs to be efficiently replaced in order to protect the body from serious consequences.

Proper hydration is necessary to maintain blood volume. Failure to hydrate the body well may cause a reduction in the blood volume, which ultimately results in low blood pressure and diminished functioning of various organs of the body.

The symptoms of dehydration may range from mild symptoms such as thirst, weakness, dizziness, and fatigue, to life threatening symptoms such as altered mental state, rapid breathing, and reduced blood supply to body organs.

The cure to all these symptoms is a clean, healthy glass of water. Make sure you have a water bottle close at hand. Drink small volumes at regular intervals to keep your body hydrated and energized.

Why use a Water-to-Go bottle?

Water-to-Go water bottles are a perfect solution for anyone who wants to rehydrate their body with clean filtered water. The portable water bottle does not possess any environment hazards and can be reused for a long period of time.

  • Traditional bottled water is packaged in a BPA-containing container that is proven to be harmful to human health. When exposes to sunlight or temperatures exceeding 60 degree Fahrenheit, plastic water bottles leach BPA in to the water, which known to cause cancer.
  • A safer alternative to plastic water bottles is Water-to-Go water bottles that are made from LDPE. LDPE or low-density polyethylene is an FDA-approved material for use in food and beverages containers
  • LDPE-containing water bottles do not leach their contents into the water, keeping it in its purest form.
  • Water-to-Go bottles remove 99.9 percent of the contaminants found it water. It not only make the water taste fresh by removing chlorine and heavy metals, but also removes bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms to ensure safety of the consumer.
  • Water-to-Go bottles are like portable filtration systems. It ensures that you remain hydrated, no matter where you are.