Filter Facts

Filtered water on the go with Water-to-Go portable water bottles.

Water-to-Go incorporates nano technology into a refillable water bottle that filters the water and offers you safe drinking water on the go. Simply fill in the tap water or scoop water from a pond and sip filtered water through the mouthpiece.

How Water-to-Go works?

Water-to-Go water bottles use advanced nano technology to filter out impurities from the water. The filters are manufactured from a non-woven media that effectively removes bacteria, viruses, protozoa, chemicals, oocysts, and other impurities. The technology behind Water-to-Go bottles has been designed specifically for the NASA space project.

Built using nano technology, the patented filter is a combination of nano alumina, carbon, and other filtration ingredients. When damp, the nano alumina layer emits a positive charge and removes all negative charged impurities such as protozoa, bacteria, and viruses, making the water fresh and safe to drink.

Why Choose Water-to-Go over Carbon Filters

Unlike carbon filters that only remove chlorine and some heavy metals, Water-to-Go water bottles remove 99.9 percent of the contaminants found in water. Traditional carbon filters have a very large pore size that cannot eliminate bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. Also, the adhesives used to hold the carbon filters cover as much as 70 percent of the area, reducing the filtration capacity of traditional carbon filters.

Water-to-Go bottles utilize zero adhesives to provide a larger filter area. The pore size is minute enough to filter out even viruses and bacteria. These reusable water bottles not only improve the taste of water, but also make it almost impurity-free, safe, and healthy.

Water-to-Go – Tried and Tested to Remove 99.9% Contaminants

The portable water bottle for everyday use is a perfect example of filtration efficiency. Filtering water at a rate of 10ml per second, Water-to-Go water bottles remove almost every type of impurity commonly found in potable water.

Water-to-Go bottles are proven to remove the following contaminants found in water.

Metals & Chemicals

Removes 99.9 percent of chlorine, fluoride, chromium, mercury, nickel, copper, iron, lead, gold, silver, aluminium, and volatile organic compounds, including formaldehyde. *

*Note: Water-to-Go bottles cannot filter 99.9 percent of Arsenic found in water from certain sources.


Norwalk virus, hepatitis A virus, Tota virus, Adenoviruses, Enteroviruses, Reoviruses.


Removes bacteria that cause dysentery, botulism, virus botulism, typhoid, polio, vibrio disease, campylobacteriosis, leptospirosis (Weli’s disease), legionnaire’s disease, Pontiac fever.

Also removes E. coli and coliform.

Oocysts- Protazoa

Effectively removes Giardia lamblia that causes beaver fever.

Parasites and waterborne pathogens

Removes tapeworm, hookworm, threadworm, guinea worm, pinworm, roundworm, liver flukes, and organism causing sleeping sickness, Coenorosis and Schistosomiasis.

Note: Water-to-Go water bottles are tried and tested to remove all these water contaminants. However, it is recommended not to use additives such as isotonic powders, cordials, juices, etc., which can decrease its efficiency. Also, use of Water-to-Go bottles for filtering urine for drinking purposes is not recommended by the manufacturer.